March, 2012

Mar 12

customizing my desktop

It’s been quite a while since I went about customizing my desktop, but after seeing my wife’s results after integrating an OSX-style dock in Windows I decided to give it a whirl. When I started poking around I was blown away with the tools, widgets, gadgets and docks available for Windows now, and jumped in headfirst.

I started out with XWindowsDock, which I really liked, but it didn’t seem to have active development going on anymore which is a shame because the project seemed fairly promising.  I ended up going with RocketDock instead, which runs like a champ aside from one annoying bug with minimized windows.  Some applications don’t respect the “Minimize Windows to the Dock” setting and still end up in my taskbar which I have hidden away.  I hunted around it  apparently only affects Windows 7, so here’s to hoping that one’ll get fixed.

After that it was just a matter of searching through all the awesome icons and skins on DeviantArt and picking the ones that appealed the most to me.  Big kudos out to leechiahan for his awesome icon set.

Here’s what it looks like now, all put together:

And all the nitty-gritty details:


Desktop Widgets


Mar 12

fun with baretail

I’m having to read and monitor log files a lot more than I used to, and really needed a utility like tail (but on windows).  After hunting around for a while I settled on BareTail because it seemed dead simple to use.  The only problem I had was the lack of explorer level integration, I really wanted to be able to right-click and immediately start watching the log file.

I poked around a bit and it turns out that it’s actually not that hard, with a bit of registry-fu, to add context menu commands to Windows Explorer:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="C:\\Tools\\baretail\\baretail.exe \"%L\""

Save that as a ‘.reg’ file (change the path to where you have baretail installed), import, and BAM, context menu goodness.

Mar 12

it’s all about me

At some point in the past I had the brilliant idea of registering a domain name and starting up a blog about my misadventures on the interwebs. I made a valiant attempt at it but like many of my other projects, or so my wife says, it fell victim to fatal neglect. So just the other day I browsed over to my domain and noticed the poor thing in all it’s splendor (and by splendor I mean PHP errors spewing everywhere) and decided that after 4.5 years it’s about time to start again.

I decided color was so 2007 and went with as minimalistic of a theme that I could; so here it is, new and minty fresh, the new old blog.