about me

I mostly consider myself a professional sitter.  I get paid to sit, so that makes me a professional sitter right?  It just so happens that I also do some computer work while I’m sitting, but that’s besides the point.

That computer work I happen to do?  I’m QA engineer with a serious addiction to test automation that I fear may be fatal.   This has lead me on quite an array of adventures as I’ve hunted down the right tools to get the job done, and hopefully I’ll be able to impart some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way on this very site.


about digitalmeandering.com

This site is really just an outlet for me to jabber on and on without anyone being able to tell me to “shush” or “keep the racket to a minimum”.  It’ll usually be filled with technical jargon and computer geek speak, but all are welcome to question/comment/critique.  The more the merrier!